Elle Kim
Elle Kim is a designer and creative director navigates diverse media platforms with a passion for storytelling and crafting brand expression and experiences that resonate with audiences. She has led and mentored creative teams, redefining the designer's role as a catalyst for change by fostering new perspectives and pushing the boundaries of design. 

Most recently, she served as the Director of Design, leading the design team at the Museum of Modern Art. In this capacity, she oversaw large-scale, mission-driven projects, guiding the strategic direction and design development to expand and engage our audience across various touchpoints including brand identity, exhibitions, in-gallery experiences, wayfinding, education, events, and advertising.

Currently, she is working as a design consultant across the fields of art and design. 

Select projects2004-2022

MoMA Exhibition 
— Automania
Automania is an in-depth look at an object that has been at the center of innovation, social transformation, planet’s ecosystem, and critical debate among designers and artists. 

As a throughline from the exhibition to marketing campaigns and retail posters, we took the conflicting feelings to car culture in the 20th century, such as compulsion, fixation, desire, and rage and juxtaposed with evocative imagery of the iconic objects to convey a wide range of emotions and key themes that underpin the exhibition.  

Curators: Juliet Kinchin, Andrew Gardner, Paul Galloway
Designers: Derek Flynn, Damien Saatdjian, Kevin Ballon
Motion designer: Fionn Breen